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What's Your Favorite Dinosaur?

This is a list of some people and their favorite dinosaurs. All of these encounters have actually happened.

kelly slater

That’s funny, my brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas a few years ago and I told him I wanted dinosaur poop. And he actually got it for me!

Hmm…I don’t want to say T-Rex cause he was more of a bad guy. I guess Brontosaurus. Probably get some nice flank steaks off one of those guys. Some nice loins.”

What a great way to close out 2013! We encountered 11-time World Champion surfer Kelly Slater at the beach today, and were pleased with his witty banter about dinosaurs. Very proud to have you as part of the family, Kelly!

paul walker

Excuse me, weren’t you in Meet the Deedles?”

"Yeah, I was. That’s my favorite movie I’ve been in!"

"Surf Wyoming!"

We encountered Paul Walker recently and were able to briefly reminisce the gem of a movie he was in called Meet the Deedles. If you haven’t seen it, figure out how to watch it, as it’s a great movie. We also asked him his favorite dinosaur, and he said something that sounded like “Platypus” but we weren’t sure. We will assume that he knows the platypus is extinct, but as to what his real favorite dinosaur is, we’ll have to leave that to conjecture.

Jeff Johnson

photo by Chris Orwig

"Do you have a favorite dinosaur? Have I already asked you that?"

"Yeah, actually I do. I like the Pterodactyl because I can make a pretty good Pterodactyl sound."

Jeff Johnson does a lot of cool stuff. If you’ve seen the documentary 180˚ South, then you’ve seen Jeff traveling all over the place on a boat, mountain climbing and surfing cool waves. He made a book a few years back called Bend to Baja, in which he and some friends drove from Bend, Oregon to the southernmost tip of Baja California in vehicles completely fueled by vegetable oil. These guys’ ability to put together a cool book that you’ll want to look through again and again is great. When we met him in the ocean over the weekend, he was happy to tell us his favorite dinosaur, and pronounced it in a new way we’d never heard. Pterodac-tile. In our opinion, it sounds much cooler that way. Thanks for participating, Jeff!

chris gocong

"I’ve always liked that one with the ball on its tail….Ankylosaurus?"

Chris Gocong is a professional football player. A hero in his hometown of Carpinteria, California, Chris is the first Carpinterian to play in the NFL. He has played for the Cleveland Browns and currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. He answered our question very thoughtfully and kindly, and we are honored to have our first NFL player in the WYFD family. Thanks Chris!

laura marling

-“I’m not going to answer that question, only because I can’t think of one that’s cool enough.”

-“How about a vegan one?”


Laura Marling is a recording artist. While we here at WYFD are not overly familiar with her musical stylings, we had a great opportunity this evening to attend a concert of hers in San Francisco. She was charming, mentioning to the crowd that she felt like she didn’t have enough to banter about, but she pulled it off, referencing her choice to be a vegan, and how everyone in San Francisco likes brunch. Before her last song, our question was asked, only to be returned by a shocked look on Miss Marling’s face, followed by the answer you have already read above. While she didn’t give us a direct answer, as many on this site have done before her, we can assume that she’d like a dinosaur that doesn’t eat other dinosaurs, and maybe has a bit of a rebellious streak. We are happy to be able to add her to the list.

malcolm mcdowell

"I think T-Rex.

Any reason why?”

"Isn’t T-Rex everyone’s favorite dinosaur?"

Welly well well wellity well. We have a new addition to the family. Malcolm McDowell has been in a lot of films and television series. His face is recognizable, and he is often noted for his performance in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. We encountered him on a small airplane reading over some lines for whatever his next appearance will be. Anyway, he was kind enough to shake hands and acknowledge that he was who he was. We appreciate having him as a part of the new realm of knowledge. Until next time…

donavon frankenreiter

"Tell your guy I just talked to Donavon Frankenreiter and asked his favorite dino. He went with the generic T-Rex. But in his defense, he said he hadn’t seen a dino in some time."

Here is to firsts. We here at WYFD are so proud that our question is catching on, and that people are inspired to contribute to our quest! And now for a little bit of what we know about Donavon. Donavon Frankenreiter is one of the coolest surfers the last 20 years have seen. He has inspired many to dig out their old classic surfboards and ride them just like they’d ride any other surfboard. This is difficult but extremely fun. What he is capable of doing is looking just as good as the stylish messiahs of the 70s, while adding some seriously killer new moves to the repertoire. Donavon is also a great musician. He has released a number of albums in the last 9 years and can really make a guitar sing. HIs first son’s name is Hendrix, so…. We are proud to add Mr. Frankenreiter to the What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur family and hope this inspires many more of you to work up the courage to approach well-known people and ask them a question they’ll probably remember. 

chad robertson.

Let me think….this is a good question….Brontosaurus I think. Is that a popular one?”

Chad Robertson is a great baker. Today we met him at his bakery, Tartine, in San Francisco. Chad has become fairly well-renowned in the culinary and baking worlds. His book, Tartine Bread, is somewhat of a perfect guide to artisan baking. We chatted briefly about bread, surfing and book publishing when we met, and ran the coloring book idea by him. Needless to say, we’ll probably be spending lots more time in Tartine eating the nice treats and learning about good breads. Thanks Chad, for participating in the ongoing survey.

mickey muñoz

-I really don’t know.

-Well, do you think you’d like the herbivores or the carnivores.

-I guess the carnivores, like Tyrannosaurus Rex. They were pretty badass.

-Right on.

Mickey Muñoz is a legend in the surfing world. There is a story of him getting so deep in the barrel at Rincon that he was in there for 12 seconds and no one on the beach could see him. He then emerged in all his glory, probably on a huge longboard. He’s the man. 

alex knost

Ummmmm, Brachiosaurus?


Alex Knost is a surfer from Newport Beach. In the last few years, he has become very popular in the logriding scene, and has featured in many surf films, including The Seedling, Sprout, and The Present, all of which were directed by Thomas Campbell and are some of the finest surf films out there you can find. He is also the frontman of a band called The Japanese Motors. His surfing style and attitude in the water are both excellent, and we are proud to add him to our site. Do it Al, Do it.

joe curren

-Uhhh, I never really thought about it.

-What about when you were a kid? You had to have one then.

-I guess Pterodactyl? But what was that shark one that was super huge?


-Yeah, that one rules. I guess it’s not a dinosaur but it still rules.

Joe Curren is a great surfer and surf photographer from California. He is the brother of fellow What’s Your Favorite Dinosaurer Tommy Curren, but his surfing and personality speak for themselves, and he stands well on his own. You can catch him in the surf film One California Day, in which you’ll see him surfing perfect Rincon on a red surfboard. 

billie joe armstrong

-Could I trouble you to ask you your favorite dinosaur?

-Ummmm, Velociraptor!

-Awesome, that’s Billy Baldwin’s, too!

So this morning, the first day of 2013, we ran into yet another A-list celebrity, eating breakfast with his family in Newport Beach. We told him about our lovely little website, and then proceeded to ask his permission to add him to the list of our friends who have so graciously clued us in. Here’s hoping that this means good things for 2013 and the What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur family. Let’s push for that coloring book. Thanks, Billie Joe!

wendell berry


As for your final request, I simply am not able to comply. I have no ‘favorite dinosaur,’ and even if I did, I could not draw its picture.

A few weeks ago, we managed to enter correspondence with Wendell Berry, a prominent figure in the Poetry, Literary, and Agricultural worlds. He is prolific. If you have never read his work, it is poignant regardless of the time in which it was written. We gave our question a shot, and were satisfied with his answer, albeit a bit disappointing. Maybe he’ll give it another shot when we’re working on the coloring book. Happy New Year.

amanda setton

Excuse me, aren’t you on Gossip Girl?

Yes, I’m Amanda.

Well, I have another question for you. What’s your favorite dinosaur?

I’d have to say the pterodactyl, because it flies.

Amanda Setton was walking outside a coffee shop in Santa Barbara today when we encountered her. She was very nice and answered our question with grace and eloquence. Amanda Setton was recognized by us for her recurring role in Gossip Girl (if you think about it, we’ve got three Gossip Girl vets on the show now) as Penelope Shafai, one of Blair Waldorf’s friends. Thank you for your politeness and willingness to answer our question. Let’s work on getting the rest of the cast on this website.

mark cunningham

Well, I don’t really have a favorite dinosaur. I never really gave them much thought. But Keep the Country Country, an organization I’m a part of to stop the expansion of the Turtle Bay resort has this dinosaur that’s kind of our mascot. We call it the Greedosaurus. It’s motto is “I want to eat your island.”

We met famous bodysurfer Mark Cunningham at a grocery store on the North Shore of Oahu. After he had talked to us a little while about bodysurfing, we asked him our question. His answer isn’t really his favorite dinosaur, but definitely a creative one. Mr. Cunningham is one of the most creative swimmers on earth, although as he has said, “It’s just swimming, it’s not rocket science!” Thank you, Mr. Cunningham, and we’ll see you at the showing of Come Hell or High Water in Encinitas.